Breaking News!!!! Maddy’s Cancer Free!!!!

Breaking News!!!! Maddy’s Cancer Free!!!!

March 3, 2014 CaringBridge Journal Entry by Maddy’s Mommy:




What’s that? There was a major snow storm that swept through the DC/MD/VA Area which shut pretty much everything down including the federal government, schools, stores and side streets today?

Oh, that was just Jesus sitting everyone down …to stay tuned for a very important faith service announcement!

You see, on May 31, 2012 The Garrett Family’s youngest child, Madison “Maddy” Garrett fell ill and was hospitalized. On June 5, 2012 The Garrett Family received the devastating news that this 3 yr old child was officially diagnosed with Stage IV Childhood Cancer; High Risk Neuroblastoma. She had cancer in her shoulders, her hips, her legs, her lower spine, her bones and bone marrow and an abdominal tumor the size of a small melon which was initially inoperable as it was wrapped around major organs and arteries and had her right kidney pressed down on her right leg. She could not walk. She was given only a 30% chance at survival. She endured countless hospitalizations between three hospitals in Virginia, DC and Pennsylvania, nine cycles of chemotherapy, MIBG radiation therapy, oncology radiation therapy, numerous surgeries including the resection of the tumor, a stem cell and marrow transplant, and lastly antibody therapy.

Throughout her fight, the family leaned heavily on their faith and once the last treatment finished in January of this year, that faith was ALL they had left. Maddy had exhausted all of the options in her original roadmap for treatment. It was then, and always had been, completely up to God. It was at that point, when they literally had NOTHING else left, that they finally surrendered ALL to Him and He in turn granted them the type of peace that surpassed ALL understanding. No matter what the outcome, The Garrett’s were at peace.

Madison’s prayers began to change from “Dear Jesus, please take my cancer away!” to “Thank you Jesus for taking my cancer away!” She knew she was healed and she told us so, “I don’t have cancer anymore!” God revealed this truth to His chosen child some time ago but He chose today to reveal it to the rest of the world! He literally sat everyone down for a time out and thousands tuned in today to witness a miracle!

Today, Monday, March 3, 2014 two truths are confirmed;

I’ve Seen Him Do It!


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