Help Us Raise Funds and Awareness for Childhood Cancer Research

Help Us Raise Funds and Awareness for Childhood Cancer Research


ALL of the “I CARE” Shirts from the first sale have SHIPPED! So you know what that means…..we anticipate seeing 181 of our biggest supporters out there rocking our exclusive “I CARE” shirts, soon and VERY soon!

Proudly wear your shirts, take pictures of yourselves in your shirts (that’s right, SELFIES for a GREAT CAUSE), and POST POST POST to Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else you can think of! And when people ask you where you got your shirt, tell them and encourage them to get one too!

Let’s continue to spread this message of Childhood Cancer Awareness and show Maddy and ALL children battling cancer that WE CARE as a COMMUNITY!

Sara Jane Davis is creating a book for Madison, which will feature everyone across the nation wearing their “I CARE” shirts! Please TAG her in your photos so that she can add yours to this very special book!

As for everyone that missed the first boat, we opened a second sale of the “I CARE” shirts….but don’t miss this opportunity because this sale ends October 31st!


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