Who Cares? Campaign – Maddy

Who Cares? Campaign – Maddy

Thank you to everyone who has tuned into our Childhood Cancer Awareness Campaign. It is only fitting that we end the campaign with the little girl who brought us all together… Maddy!

Maddy fell ill on May 31, 2012. On June 5, 2012 she was diagnosed with Stage IV Cancer – High Risk Neuroblastoma; a very rare form of childhood cancer. She was only given a 30% chance at survival. Sixteen months, countless hospitalizations between three hospitals in Maryland, DC and Pennsylvania, nine cycles of chemotherapy, MIBG radiation therapy, oncology radiation therapy, numerous surgeries including the resection of the tumor, and a stem cell and marrow transplant later. Madison is still battling this disease. She is now undergoing Antibody Therapy; a six month treatment that will end in February 2014. While the future is still very uncertain, one thing remains sure, Maddy is RELENTLESS! She will never give up! She is a Warrior Princess!

The month of September and this campaign may be coming to an end but Maddy’s fight and the fight of all of the other brave children with cancer continues!

Please check out http://booster.com/whocares for the t-shirt we’re using to raise funds for a cure! Today is the last day to purchase!!!

Stay tuned for more “Who Cares” campaign activity and updates from Maddy’s mother, Brandi, in the very near future! Without her, this campaign wouldn’t have happened!

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